Saturday, September 11, 2010

Better Late Than Even Later

Way, way, way back in this post (oh my gosh, was that really back in November, almost a year ago???), I shared a couple of new handbags I had made (lime green/black/cream). I really needed a new bag for myself as my current one was starting to show some wear. I love having matching accessories for my purses, so I didn't use my new handbag because I was going to "soon" be making those matching accessories.

Can you guess what happened?  Yes, the handbags were set aside as I worked on other projects. Pretty soon they were moved to a new location because they were in my way.  And then they got moved again and put out of sight.  I sort of just forgot about them without really forgetting about them....because every time I went shopping or errand running with my current handbag, I kept thinking how I needed a new handbag.

Well I decided that it was now time to get to making those matching purse accessories this past week.  So that's what I've been working on mostly.  I had enough fabrics left over from making the handbags to make two sets of purse accessories.  Included in the set is a mini padfolio, eyeglass case, checkbook holder, quilted zipper pourch, wallet, and business card holder.  Now I'm all set to start using my new handbag.  The other one is going to be a gift.

By the way, four of the accessories shown above are free projects on the Three Creative Studios web site.

Also this past week I continued to do more fabric dyeing.  I found that I had four colors of dye left with small amounts of each.  So I got a large bucket and did One Bucket Fabric Dyeing, also referred to as parfait dyeing.  A tutorial for this is also in the free projects at the above Three Creative Studios link.

The left over dye colors I used in this session of bucket dyeing were:  golden yellow (my favorite yellow), chartreuse, lilac, and turquoise.  In all I think there is about 7 or 8 yards of fabric that I had in that dye bucket.

Have a great weekend!