Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sketching and Dyeing

I sat down and did a little sketching last night. Last week's cue word for Three Creative Studios Creative Cue was dream. Here is my vision:

And this week's cue word is wreck. Doesn't she look a wreck? Probably just got out of bed.

I've been doing some fabric dyeing lately. Ever since Sue shared her lovely fabrics that she made in the workshop she took with Jane Dunnewold, I've had the dyeing bug. Especially overdyeing. I had never done any overdyeing and now I am wondering why. I think that I've been converted.

I've even been going through my previously dyed fabrics and pulling out ones that I'm not totally pleased with. What a difference another layer of dye makes.

I've also been working on my next Twelve by Twelve quilt. It is due for reveal on September 1. I am happy to say that at this point, all I have left is the binding. Yay!