Monday, August 2, 2010

Free-Motion Quilting

I've started quilting on my latest quilt. I keep referring to this quilt as the panel quilt because I created five panels which were then stitched together. Originally I had envisioned creating the panels and quilting each panel separately before attaching together, but for some reason I changed my mind. I've never created a quilt in sections like that before.

Anyway I have gotten the entire center panel section quilted now and today have moved onto another section. Here are a couple of detail shots of how I'm quilting it.

This morning I felt like painting. So I did! Here is what came out of that painting session. This is a canvas panel, about 8" x 8". I had been building up the background on this panel over time as I like to use up leftover paint from my palette. Last evening I took some black paint and painted in the outline shapes. And then this morning I gave her some color. This method and look is a bit different from what I've painted in the past....but I sort of like how it turned out.