Monday, August 16, 2010

Border and PhotoShop Play

In my previous post, I shared my latest quilt in progress with you. I had mentioned that I wasn't happy with the bottom border and asked for your thoughts. Many of you gave me some input and a lot of you mentioned the same thing I was thinking. The border was too light and needed some darker fabrics. Well here is my border now. I took out the white fabric and added the dark fabric. I like this better, but still want to think about it a bit more.

While I was getting the photo above ready for sharing here on the blog, I decided to manipulate it a bit in PhotoShop to see if another possible layout would be better. Here is my mock up of that layout.

I'm going to set this aside for the time being and think on it. I need to get quilting on another quilt, don't know if you remember the Indian Orange Peel I did recently in blues and greens, but I need to get that one quilted so that it can go on a trip to its new home with my auntie.

I want to thank all of you who commented in the last post, I had so much fun reading the suggestions/ideas you gave me.

In other news, over at Three Creative Studios, we released a couple of new free projects today. Vicki created both of the projects, one on making paper and the other on creating a keepsakes quilt. Check them out here.