Saturday, July 24, 2010


I spent a couple of hours today making some new screens for screen printing. I use a product called PhotoEZ to create my screens. I had some PhotoEZ left over from last year and thought I better get it used up. When I pulled out the instruction sheet I read that it should be used within an approximate six-month time frame and if storing it, it should be stored in the refrigerator. EEEEEEK! I didn't follow the directions very well as I've had this stuff around a year and I had it on a shelf in one of my cupboards.

Well I am happy to say it worked perfectly! Yay! I made six new screens today and I still have a couple of unused sheets left. I need to figure out yet what kind of image I want for the last two sheets. I'm hoping to do that within a few days.

Here are the images I did today. These are my digital images, I haven't yet tested the screens themselves to see how they print.

This first image is something I created in Photoshop. I started with one diamond shape and then repeated it. Next I used a Photoshop "brush" to add the distressed look.

Next is an image I manipulated in Photoshop. This image came from a photograph I took of a square flower pot I have outside that has a raised or embossed image on the side.

This next image is from another photograph from my garden. It is a succulent plant that I think is called Hen and Chicks or something like that.

Next is an image I manipulated in Photoshop. This image started out as a photograph of a glass dome ceiling.

This next image is one I created from corrugated cardboard. I peeled the top layer off one side of the cardboard and was left with the ridges. Then I took a piece of copy paper and did a charcoal rubbing. I sprayed the rubbing with a fixative and then scanned it into my computer. I manipulated it in Photoshop and this is the result.

And last is a drawing I created online with a cool drawing program. It's called Scribbler Too and is so fun to play with. After I saved the drawing to my computer I manipulated it in Photoshop. I'm not sure how this one will print with all those fine lines, but we'll find out.