Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Color Talk

My current color combination obsession is purple and orange. I am so very attracted to the combination of these two and I'm finding it doesn't really matter what shade of purple or orange. The purples can range from the more bluey tones to the more reddish tones and the oranges can be more yellowy or more reddish. Either way, my eyes send happy vibes to my brain when these colors are seen.

I find it a little funny, though, because on the color wheel, yellow is exactly opposite of purple. And these two are supposed to be complements. I recently created a quilt for the Twelve by Twelve group using these complementary colors and I found that my heart wasn't in it. I wanted so badly to grab the orangey yellows or yellowy oranges to put into the quilt rather than typical yellow.

I found that I have many examples of the purple/orange color combination out in my garden this year. Again, the oranges and purples vary in their color range, but here is five examples of this in my garden. Some of these photos don't show off really well as it was very sunny outside when I took them.

So now I am wondering did I pick these flowers for their color and how they'd look together, knowing that I liked these two colors together. Or did I start loving the color combination after seeing it outside and elsewhere. Which came first, the chicken or the egg, right?


  1. Let me know when you find the answer! lol I find I fall in the cracks. I'm liking the secondary colours more than the primaries as far as useful basic colours.

  2. I don't know the answer to your question because I ask it of myself when I sit down outside with my coffee and my camera. All the flower colors are my favorite color combinations, the ones I can't seem to get away from year after year (yellow and purple are at the top of my list, too, almost to the point of obsession.)

    Chicken? Or the egg? I just don't know. lol

  3. I love this combination too. It really sings for me. I DID add the orange to my Complementary scheme purple and yellow quilt! I find true complementary colors the hardest to work with. They are called complementary (with an e) because they complete the primary triad, not because they compliment (with an i) each other!

  4. Mother Nature always knows best -- look at the way she combines colors. If you add green to the purple and orange, you have the perfect blend of the three secondary colors -- I think that's why this combo appeals to us (I include myself in there, because this is my latest favorite, as well).


  5. I love this combination too -- before I started quilting, I didn't really like orange. Now I love it because it makes my favorite colors look good.

  6. It doesn't matter which came first, because they are definitely wonderful together. They are my kind of colors too. Like Diane said a little green in there, the foliage, and what a perfect little combo you have. But I think no matter which tone the purples and oranges are, they are wonderful together!

  7. I keep thinking about your color combos and the Ives color wheel, which seems to be a big deal for quilters judging by the hits on a search. I use it myself but get hung up on picking just the right combinations of colors. I sometimes think (ok-all of the time) that I just want to put together the colors that I want to put together! Regardless!

    Your garden looks beautiful and orange is my favorite color:)

  8. Love your garden flowers. I think they picked YOU! Very great combination.

    auntie jude


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