Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Technicolor Face

Here is the next face I painted in technicolor. I think I like the previous face more than this one.

I didn't do any sewing or quilting over the weekend. I guess I needed a break. Anyway, here is an interesting article that is about the Twelve by Twelve group that I belong to.

And this morning I learned of a great source for copyright information. I am a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA), and another member shared a link to the copyright information. This is one benefit of belonging to a group such as SAQA. The sharing of information by the members is wonderful. The copyright information at this link, is directed toward photographers, but it really applies to all of us as we are sharing photos of our artwork here on the Internet. Notice the copyright information on the above photo? I don't always remember to include that in my photos, and really, it's sad that we have to go to extremes to try and protect ourselves....but there are still those people out there that are totally clueless on what is right and wrong and most think they aren't hurting anyone.

Anyway, I hope your Monday is happy and creative.