Monday, June 28, 2010


Well I've sort of been busy the last few days. It has been almost a week since my last post here. In some ways I feel like I've accomplished many things and then again, I also feel like I've accomplished nothing. What's with that??

Well here is something that is getting done. I have finished the quilting on this BOM quilt. Now all I have left is the binding. I quilted a portion of this on the HQ16 at the quilt shop and then I brought it home and quilted the remainder of it on my domestic machine. This quilt isn't overly huge so that helped with quilting it at home.

And then, because a quilter just can't have only one project going at a time... I started on a new project. I figured since I have finished the two BOM quilts, well almost finished, that it was acceptable to start a new project. Here are the main colors in the new quilt.

And here is the beginning of it up on the design wall. I have no idea how big this will end up.

I've also completed another journal painting. After I took the photo of this face and was preparing it for Internet viewing in my PhotoShop program, I noticed that she looks like she is sporting a black eye on the left. I always find it interesting what I see in a photo of my work compared to looking at it in person.

I'm not sure how much sewing I'll be able to do this week. My sewing machine started blinking at me over the weekend. It is time to take it in for a service/check up. I could always dig out the old, back up machine.....I guess.