Friday, May 28, 2010

More Painting

I am on a roll with face painting, I tell you. I shouldn't stay away from it for too long at a time because then I go into overload mode I guess. And here I was hoping for one face a week a few days ago. Silly me!

Anyway, this next photo is the next face in the progression of faces and I really don't like this one. Hey, who said I have to like everything I make. It's okay NOT to like it. It's all about the practice and experience. With this one I started with a different base color and her appearance is just too pink for me. So I won't be using that color again for skin, that is, if I can remember which color it was.

I started with Payne's Gray on this next face. While I'm happy with how this one turned out, I'm not so sure I will start with Payne's Gray again. It's all about the practice and experience...right?! Oh and I'm very happy with how this one's lips turned out.

I have been sewing the last few days too, honestly, I have. I am making more blocks to go with one of my BOM quilts. This quilt is one of the versions I made with the blocks from Three Creative Studios Block of the Month project. Here are some of my blocks that I had made a while back.

I had made the original 9 blocks from the block of the month project, then I made the 3 bonus blocks and ended up with 12 blocks (these are 12" blocks). I threw them all up on my design wall a few days ago and decided I'd like this quilt to be larger. So I used my Electric Quilt program and recolored eight of the blocks from the project. I finished the last of the eight additional blocks last evening. At this point all the blocks are too much to fit on my design wall and I can't place them up there and get a good photo. I also have decided to add a dark purple sashing so that is what I'm now working on. I hope to have a photo to share of my progress soon.