Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Collaboration Gift

Do you know Vicki? I think just about everybody knows Vicki by now. She's hard to miss! She has a fabulous blog, great personality, and she's retiring in just a few short days.

Well Sue and I wanted to give her something special so we decided to collaborate and make a quilt. We each made six blocks for the quilt and I pieced all our blocks together and attached the borders. I shipped the quilt to Sue and she took it over to Kathy's house who then proceeded to do a smashing job of quilting it. Then Sue completed the binding.

According to Sue, the finished quilt measured about 50" x 70". The 12 inner blocks are 12" square. Vicki got her quilt in today's mail and is so happy with it, which makes me happy too. Happy Retirement Vicki!