Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Circle Game

The book I'm painting in is an old music book that I found at a thrift store. It was the perfect size for making into a journal and the price was perfect. I think if I would have gone out and purchased a brand, spanking new journal to paint in, I wouldn't have felt so free and daring to just play and experiment.

I'm finding that my attempt at painting in a looser style has been much more fun than when I painted in the past. I am sitting down and painting and pretty much completing the painting in the same sitting. Whereas before, I would paint a layer, let it dry, repeat, repeat, and repeat. It would take me too long to complete the painting and I was working toward perfect color blending and no flaws.

FORGET THAT!!!! This is much more fun and I have a finished painting in an hour, give or take.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday. Today I'll be putting my annuals (flowers) out into my flowers beds and pots. Can't wait!