Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pin Pondering

I've been doing quite a bit of this lately:


I pulled out my Indian Orange Peel quilt that I started a long time ago and decided I really wanted to get it done. While pinning the curved seams, I started thinking about pins. Hmmm, kind of a weird thing to think about. I started wondering just how many different types of pins I had and why I have them. Here is a photo of all the pins I could find. I think I may have some more somewhere, but I think they are older pins, perhaps from my grandmother.


Pins come in differing sizes, both in thickness and length. I have two different sizes of T-pins, small applique pins, curved safety pins for quilt basting, and more than one size of regular straight pins. I tend to use them all depending on the task and it's funny how I seem to know exactly which pins I need/want for what I'm working on. How about you? Is it the same for you? What are your favorite pins?

Here is a view of the blocks I've sewn so far. There are 25 blocks total and I've got 13 put together.