Friday, March 5, 2010

Creative Cues 8 & 9

I'm a week behind on my sketches for Creative Cue. Up first is last week's cue theme of "cookie". I had been thinking on and off about how I could portray a cookie. I mostly kept focusing on the yummy kind of cookies, you know, like chocolate chip and sugar cookies. I just couldn't get excited about trying to draw one. But then, last evening I typed "cookie" in a Flickr search and one of the ideas that came up was a fortune cookie. Wham! That's what I wanted to draw. So here's my interpretation of the fortune cookie photo I found.


This week's cue is "stem". I love flowers, and flowers have stems, right? So I drew some flower stems, minus the flowers. You are supposed to imagine the flowers at the end of the stems.


There, I feel better getting caught up with my Creative Cue drawings. I wanted to share a bit of news I learned recently. I found out that a quilt I submitted to Fantastic Fibers 2010 was juried in. I am very happy and excited about that. Here is the web site with more information on the Fantastic Fibers show:

Indian Orange Peel update: I now have 14 blocks done, up one from the post earlier this week. 11 more to go.

Happy weekend everyone!