Sunday, March 28, 2010

Creative Cue: Rich

Last week's Creative Cue word was rich. I am rich with kitty love, so that is how I came up with my sketch.

Here is the finished mosaic collage face quilt. I've named her Cira. It's an Italian name meaning sun. It measures approximately 23" x 25.5".

And here is something small I made. I don't know about you, but I happen to have fabric scraps. One plastic tub of scraps that I have are those fabrics that have Mistyfuse pre-applied. The scraps in the tub are mostly from other projects. Well my tub is full to overflowing and so I wondered how I might use some of them up.

So I applied some of the Mistyfused scraps to a batting scrap (yes I have scraps of everything). After I had the batting scrap filled with fabric, I then free-motion quilted the entire thing. Once that was done, I then applied some white textile paint. When dry, I thread sketched a girl. Then I applied a backing fabric, hand stitched around the edges, and affixed it temporarily to a blank greeting card. It's a mini quilt/greeting card combo.