Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Star Pool

I've completed the quilting on this quilt. This quilt is around a baby/crib size. Here it is just after pulling it out from the dryer, before binding is added.

When I started looking closely at it I found that some of the dye had migrated in the washer. Most of the blue/green fabrics I used in this are from my beginning fabric dyeing days. So my guess is I didn't rinse them well enough. But the funny thing is that only one of the white fabrics really took on a blue-ish hue. The other whites stayed white. Weird. In the photo above, the white (now blue) fabric that changed is on the far left, middle.

Here is a floor level view. You can see that the stars have some dimension. I didn't quilt them so that they would pop.

I have the binding all made and sewn to the front of the quilt. I'm hoping to work on the hand stitching part over the next few days. I'll share a photo of the binding fabric I used and a view of the back when it's all done.