Friday, January 8, 2010

Sketchin' & Paintin'

My good friend Sue, sent me a sketchbook to use for my Creative Cue sketches. When I opened the package that arrived yesterday, I found a bonus sketchbook. You rock SUE!!!

So I opened one of the sketchbooks and started with my first Creative Cue theme. The word this week is "east".

I chose to sketch a scene with the sun rising in the east. I decided to give myself some loose rules for my Creative Cue sketches. I would do them in pencil. I wouldn't worry about perfecting them. Just get my idea down on paper and go with it. Don't worry about tweaking and perfect lines, etc. I scanned my drawing into the computer and photoshopped it so that the sketch would show up good. Sometimes pencil lines don't come across well.

And here is my progress on the bird quilt. I've laid down the base colors so far. Next I need to start adding some details, shading and highlighting.

Hope you have a great weekend!