Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Page 407

There I am in the new book 500 Art Quilts....page 407.

The quilt they selected of mine for the book is a paper quilt and the quilt is coming across a bit dark on the page. Here is where I first posted about this quilt.

My book arrived yesterday and last evening I flipped through the pages and just loved all the wonderful quilts that were in it. I enjoyed how Lark placed some of the quilts on facing pages. Some of the quilts were occasionally arranged on facing pages by similar theme, and also by similar colors. One page spread that I love because of how the colors of the quilts coordinate is pages 312-313. And another page spread I enjoyed was pages 336-337, because the two quilts shown have a leaf theme and the colors are quite similar. There are many instances throughout the book with this type of thing going on and I found it enjoyable. I hope Lark considers doing a series of this book theme, perhaps every few years.

I completed my next quilt for the Twelve by Twelve group. The theme this time around is blue and white and black, chosen by Francoise. All along I was constructing the quilt my goal was for a February 1 reveal. Well I recently found out that our next reveal isn't until March 1. Oh well...I don't mind that I finished early.

While I was working on my blue/white/black quilt...I was doing some free-motion quilting on it and at one point flipped it over to snip some threads and found this:

Argh! I hate it when that happens. Some blue fabric scraps stuck to the back of the batting and I didn't notice them before stitching. Well they are now cleverly hidden within the depths of my quilt as I was about to sit there and pick out those threads to remove them. Have you ever done this? This wasn't my first time doing it. You think a person would live and learn, but nooooooo!