Friday, November 6, 2009

Hand Dyed Beauty

Look at my cool new hand dyed fabrics!

I dyed these all in one bucket. A one gallon bucket to be precise. All of these are half yard pieces. So I got a total of 5 yards from one gallon. I first read about doing this over on Connie's blog. I thought her results looked wonderful and I knew I wanted to try it too. Well, the other day I was in my extra fridge, loading it up with pop for hubby, when I spotted some leftover dyes from my summer dyeing session. I thought I should get those used up and then remembered this bucket dying method.

I am just amazed at how these turned out when you add all different colors of dye into one bucket. I love all the color variation and the effects on each piece of fabric. I could look at them all day. They remind me of glass. I also like looking at them and spotting shapes that remind me of things. In one fabric I found a couple of shapes that reminded me of a male and female head that were right next to each other, like they were posing for the camera.

Now to figure out how I want to use these. I may have a hard time cutting into them.