Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coffee Cup Sleeves

I made these sleeves a month or so ago and because they were for an online challenge sponsored by Roc-lon, I didn't show them. And then I got busy with other things and forgot to show them after the challenge was over. The sleeves are made with their multi-purpose cloth.

I didn't have any foam coffee cups at the time I made them so for the photo above I rolled up some heavy interfacing to act as a cup. And the next photo shows them while they were still flat, before I stitched the ends together.

The coffee sleeves are painted with acrylic paint. This is some cool fabric and it has so many possibilities. The composition book covers I showed you a couple of posts or so ago are made with this material. If you decide you would like to get some to try, you may find it at your local JoAnn store or online at I Have a Notion.