Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Stuff

I've been busy this week with computer work and haven't gotten into the studio. I was so bound and determined to create something today that I just took the time and reacquainted myself with my favorite room in my house. I decided I would make something small so that I could finish it and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Well I got so consumed with my project that I totally forgot to take a shower. Ewwww! Luckily it's just me and the cats for the time being. Here is my completed project.

A mini quilt that I mounted to mat board. You may remember these fabrics from my post dated August 27. I thought perhaps they'd look nice together in something. Well they were still laying around wanting to play together so I grabbed them up and started cutting and stitching. It has a sheer flower that I made with several layers of organza and I added beads to the center. I used a novelty yarn for the stem.

Then, while looking through some boxes for something, I came across these two knit clutches I made. I had completely forgotten about them. Does this happen to you? Well I made them perhaps a year ago. They are knitted from some of my handspun yarns and slightly felted. I lined them with cotton fabric and added the fabric flap with Velcro closure.

All of the above is now appearing in my etsy shop. Ok, I'm off to take a shower after I go see what the UPS man, who just pulled into my driveway, is bringing me!