Monday, September 14, 2009

Hello, My Name is...

I decided to make myself a new name tag for quilt guild meetings. We encourage guild members to wear name tags so that everyone can become familiar with who's who. I sort of failed in the name tag department last year. I hated my name tag, a simple plastic clip on sleeve with a quickly made tag to slip inside. I hated clipping it to my clothing. It hung weird and was hard to read. So I decided to kick off the new guild year with a new name tag. I wanted one I could easily slip over my head. Here is what I made. I hope it does the job. I wrote my name first onto the painted cotton duck, and then I thread painted over the writing.

In my spare moments here and there, I've been working on some more wallets. I finished two this weekend, and they both are like the one shown in the photo. I also had some scraps left and made some business card pouches. These can also be used for credit cards or the punch type cards where once you buy 10 coffees, you get one free, sort of thing.