Sunday, September 6, 2009

Butterfly Garden

Here's another quilt that I made last year and haven't shown. At least I don't recall showing it. I call it Butterfly Garden. Speaking of butterflies, I don't get very many here, even though I'm an avid flower gardener. Perhaps it's just my location. Anyway, I do see a few monarch butterflies now and then, at least that's what I think they are. This morning I was outside doing my daily bird feeding and watering when I walked up upon a monarch on the grass. It just stayed there while I hovered over it. It's the closest I've ever gotten to one and even had a minute or two of inspection time. Usually they flutter off if I get too close. It was fun!

I had a quilt in the Blurred Boundaries exhibit that was held Aug. 31 through Sept. 4. You can see a blog post about the exhibit on Lynn Krawczyk's blog Fibra Artysta. Lynn was the curator of this exhibit. The quilt I entered into this exhibit was Waiting. You can see this quilt on the home page of my web site.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day!