Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Books

My sewing machine had to go the the repair shop yesterday as it started acting funny. So I spent part of the day making more hard cover books. These actually go together very quickly. The photo is not very good at all. I had the books facing toward the window and there was too much glare.

Here's my book making helper. I usually have a small area on my cutting table with a folded up piece of fabric for cat snoozing, and you can see that Abby is laying on that. But I also had a small piece of leftover batting from something and she was playing with it. She loves to get under blankets and fabric.

I've added a couple of the wallets I made to my etsy shop. I will add more as I can. The following three photos show off the features of the wallets. There are several slots for credit and ID cards, an area for paper money, and a coin pouch.

Paper money pocket

Slots for credit and ID cards

Coin pouch with another slot behind for cards