Monday, August 17, 2009

More Mindless Doodling

I learned that zen means full concentration on what you are doing at the moment. So I guess I can't call these zen doodles since my mind wanders while doodling.

I did this doodle last evening. My hand was very tired by the time I finished. The doodle is on a 3.5" square of paper. Then I got to thinking how I could use this doodle. After a few ideas went through my mind I landed upon a paper quilt.

I like my doodle paper quilt. I hope you do too.

Over the weekend I worked on some wallets. I sort of have an assembly line going with these. I can't totally finish them as I'm out of a supply that I need and it is on its way. I've got stacks of fabric sitting out for more color combos. I'll show them when I get further along.

I mentioned a week or so ago that I was writing a tutorial on how I do my two-color fabric dyeing gradations. Well I'm happy to announce that it is now available for viewing. You will find it on the Two Creative Studios free project page.

I also added three new items to my Etsy shop this morning. One being the doodle paper quilt above.