Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Feel Like a Traitor

Oh my gosh!!!!! Look at all the quilt name suggestions I've received (post below). You all came through with so many wonderful ideas. I am so grateful. But as my blog post title indicates, I'm feeling bad. Part way through the day yesterday I looked at my quilt again and WHAM! a name just hit me and I totally love it. I guess I should have waited an extra day to think more about the quilt name and then I wouldn't have had to bother all of you.

But, don't despair! Since everyone was so helpful and I really enjoyed reading all the ideas/interpretations, I've thrown all the names into the random number generator and I'm still going to send out the goody package. The random number generator chose #9, and that name is Susan Brubaker Knapp. Susan if you will email me your address I'll get your goody package on its way.

And now for the quilt name I came up with: Stirring Thoughts