Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birdie Quilt

I finished the little birdie quilt that I was working on.

I'm happy with this one. I didn't get a very good photo of it, but I'm feeling lazy today and didn't want to hassle with a time consuming photo shoot.

Other things I've done today...rearrange some of the fabric on my shelves to get all my IDyed fabrics in one area alongside all the other hand dyes. I'm starting to run out of shelf space where I keep all my fabrics. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can lift those ceiling tiles and put some up there. So now I'm asking myself, "Why am I planning to dye some more fabric?"

Yesterday I had to toss some old jars of textile paint into the trash. A few of them I've had for quite a while and when I opened them they smelled oh so awful and some even had moldy dark spots growing. I guess that should teach me something huh? Start painting more, maybe?