Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beautiful Color

I'm not sure exactly when in my life color became such an exciting thing to me. I've enjoyed crafting for as long as I can remember, but I don't recall color being an important factor way back then.

These days just looking at colors and color combinations can give me such pleasure. It certainly is candy to my eyes. I think this color enjoyment comes from not only working in fabrics and paints, but the age I'm at. I think as we get older, we enjoy more simple things. Okay, maybe not all of us.

Anyway, I had wanted to share my newest hand dyes with you yesterday, but obviously that didn't happen. So better late than never right?

I was able to sneak in another two color gradation besides the two I spoke of in my earlier post. So I have three new gradation groups to show you.

The color groups in the photo above are: top - golden yellow to grape, middle - orange to grape, and bottom - orange to turquoise. In all the groups, the fabric that is on the left side is the results of using the remaining dye at the end of the gradation mixing.

I mentioned in my previous post that the two color groups using grape were similar in color results. Well I said that when they were still wet in the dye buckets and they really did look close. But now they certainly don't. I love how the perle cotton dyed up as well and doesn't it look great with it's matching fabric?

I also have some exciting news. I received notice yesterday that my quilt Waiting has been accepted into the Blurred Boundaries exhibit, which is an exhibit that is part of the Fabrications Retreat. More information can be found here.