Saturday, June 13, 2009

Amazed and Baffled

I am so amazed that last weekend we were having temperatures in the 30s, and getting slushy rain. Today we are into the 80s and I'm wearing shorts.

The first two photos show some textured surfaces that I added color to yesterday. The top one is Neocolor II crayons and textile medium and the blue one below is Dye-Na-Flow.

My mail delivery person brought me a package today. I ordered some art supplies and I could only find one supplier who had the colors I was looking for. This was the first time I had ordered from this company and, well, I was quite baffled to see this box. Baffled, because I knew what was inside. See that little bubble wrapped pouch in front of the box? That is the supplies I ordered. You can see below what was in the bubble wrap.

Okay, am I missing something here? Was there a great need to package this small order in such a huge box? They shipped it priority mail. I know the Post Office has free priority mail boxes and there is a small one that would have worked perfectly in this situation. Sigh! I think it's one of life's little mysteries.