Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Sunday

Here are a couple of bright and cheerful watercolor paintings. I hope they brighten your day. I was playing around with some Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Inks that I've had for a couple months or more. I recently watched Kelli Perkins painting on her Quilting Arts DVD workshop, which you will find here. She was using liquid watercolors, but when I saw her doing this I remembered I had these inks and they were supposed to work like a watercolor if you wanted them to, and I wanted them to. So I got them out and played around last night. The colors are brilliant, right up my alley!

I scanned the two paintings into my computer and will perhaps make prints to use in some work in the future, but I think I'll create a paper quilt or something with these originals.

Speaking of Quilting Arts, have you seen they changed their site? They have created an interactive site that you can become a member of and meet and converse with fiber and mixed-media artists. They will also be having challenges, give aways, and you can share photos of art you've created, and more. There is a forum area where you can ask questions, which is great if you are trying to follow a technique in one of their articles and get stumped on a step. It's great...check it out!