Friday, April 10, 2009

Early Gift

I got an early birthday gift from my hubby. It's an iPod Shuffle. My first ever iPod. You wouldn't believe how tiny this thing is. In the photo above, it is on my cutting mat and those are one-inch squares. Don't you just love that lime green color?

The reason I wanted this is because in the months of the year when the weather is cooperative, I like to go walking. We have a walking trail just across the road from us. This tiny little music box is perfect to take along. It has a built-in clip so all I have to do is clip it to my clothing.

I've been trying it out the past few days. When I walk down to get the mail I've had it on. Oh my! This little device can sure put spring your step. I guess maybe it depends on what you are listening to huh?

I'm finding it very hard to refrain from singing along at the top of my lungs. Usually when I'm home alone and working in the studio I have the radio or other music source playing and it's usually turned up to LOUD. And there I am singing along as if I'm in concert. So naturally when I'm using this iPod and walking along, I know I'm going to want to sing along. Sigh! I know, I probably could sing along, but oh how embarrassing. I will have to learn how to lip sync I guess.