Monday, March 30, 2009


QIP????? Can anyone guess what that means?

Here is my beginnings of the new quilt I started on Saturday, when I went to sew with the girls. I came home with one panel completely done.

The panels measure about 28" x 10.5" and really can be trimmed to any dimension I want. These are sewn on a foundation of tear-away stabilizer. The name of the pattern is Eye of the Fabric Storm by Seams&Dreams. Now I gotta be honest with you...if all I had seen was the picture of the quilt on the front of the pattern, I would never have attempted this quilt. But one of the gals who works in the sewing shop made one up in fabulous colors and that's what caught my eye. I'm planning on making the throw size but not according to the pattern. For the throw size, you need eight panels total plus sashing and borders, but I want to make mine so it is long enough for someone who is taller. I plan to give this as a gift and need the extra length for it.

I don't know yet what my sashing and border colors will be....I'll audition those later.

By the way......who hit the repeat button on the weather? Gosh, we are in the midst of another snow storm, repeat from last week. Hello?????!!!!! I'm getting a little tired of this. I went to go outside and stepped out the back door into....well.....a crotch high snowdrift. Sorry, couldn't think of a better word for that. So guess what I'm doing today???? Yep, sewing quilt panels.