Sunday, February 15, 2009

Me Weekend

Starting on Friday, I decided I would have a 3-day Me Weekend. What's a Me Weekend? Well it's a weekend when I create stuff just for me or whatever I want. It has felt really good to do this. Lately I feel like I've been creating to deadlines and commitments and I really needed a break. I'll get back on track tomorrow.

So first up is a small quilt I'm making. A few years ago I had been in the hand dying fabric groove and dyed up a ton of fabric. A lot of it still sits on my shelves and these colors were all in one stack. They were calling to me. "Make us into a quilt", they said. So I listened. I'm creating this without a pattern and just cutting loose. I think there's a book or something on this. Anyway, it's very freeing and I'm having fun with it. As you can see it's a WIP.

The next photo is a gallery wrapped canvas that I've covered with paper. One of my all-time favorite paper artists who works in this type of way is Julie King. I just love her work. She was my inspiration for this piece.

I created this piece with a specific spot in mind where it will hang. My hubby and I have been doing some minor remodeling in a couple of rooms in our house. One being the bathroom. It has a whole new color scheme, the towels are terra cotta, the walls are Sweet Tangerine. I plan to hang this over the toilet. I'll show another photo once it's hanging in it's permanent home.

And that concludes this edition of Me Weekend. Have a great week!