Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Colorful Weekend

Well I got some more fabric and a few more colors of dye and went to town with the washing machine today. I could easily get very addicted to this. I dyed all of these today:

Starting on the left is turquoise, lilac, golden yellow, a mix of pumpkin and pink, and a mix of chartreuse and turquoise. I also added in some white on white fabric this time around to see how those would look all dyed up, and I'm liking those. The solid white fabric that I dyed today was a new fabric for me and it really took the dye differently than the rest of the fabrics. It stayed much lighter in value for some reason. I thought I bought a PFD fabric, but perhaps it still needed to be washed before dyeing, or perhaps that's just the way this particular fabric is. The fabric is James Thomson Dyers Cloth.

Next up is a small wall hanging I started yesterday and finished up today.

In other news, our furnace has gone on strike for some reason and isn't working since yesterday. Luckily we have a wood burning stove and as long as I keep it going consistently, we are staying cozy. Hopefully someone will be able to come take a look on Monday and fix the furnace. Bob did all he can do to try and tackle it, but it's being stubborn.