Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finished, Progress, Discovery

Here are a few things I worked on yesterday. First up is a small art quilt that I finished. It is a mixed-media creation combining, fabric, fiber, paper, paint, lace, ink, and hand stitching.

art quilt fiber paper face painting original collage
Next is a painting I started. I saw another artist creating a painting on a frame exactly like this and that sparked the idea of how I would use this frame. I actually have two frames like this. They say Ikea on the back, and I found them at my local thrift store. I think I paid $1 for each one. The center is a mirror. I've placed some blue tape there to protect it from the paint.

painting mirror frame face girl
And here is my progress on my sweater. I have the back, and two front pieces finished. I started on one of the sleeves last night.

sweater knit knitting
Discovery: You know your kitty loves you when you scoop out a heart-shaped clump from the litter box. (No I didn't take a photo of it)