Sunday, September 21, 2008

Latest Cool Tool

A few days ago I showed you one of my latest new gadgets/tools that I've added to my studio. The stretcher frame. Well I've also added another great tool/contraption. This spinning wheel (found it used on Craig's List).

spinning wheel
I've actually had the wheel about two or so weeks and after the initial learning curve we've gotten to know each other quite well and get along now. I must admit though, that I think I've gotten spinning cramps. You've heard of writer's cramp right? Well, my left hand, which controls the amount of wool being spun has gotten quite sore lately. I think I need to take a day or more off from spinning to let it get better. I hope it's just a case of using muscles that I don't normally use and they'll get stronger over time. I do know that about ten years ago a doctor told me that I had the onset of carpal tunnel, so I don't know if this is related or not. I definitely hope not.

Here's some of my latest yarns.

handspun yarn wool
And the next photo is a pouch that I knitted with some of my handspun yarn. I felted it slightly and now it is drying. I plan to add a fabric lining and a flap or something for shutting/closing. This will hopefully be a prototype of a bag design that I'd like to make more of.

knit knitted felted pouch