Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Hate Titles Sometimes

Do you find it hard to think of a title for your blog posts sometimes? I sure do. Perhaps I should come up with a system when I don't know what to title my post with. Maybe, cat names? Or numbers? Or even something totally off the wall like "I Threw My Stash in the Garbage". GASP!!!!! Heaven forbid that that should happen.

Okay, enough of that. The next two photos are a little of what I did yesterday. I stretched out a piece of cotton on my fancy schmancy new stretching frame. First time using it too. Then I drew on some doodles with resist and let it dry.

stretcher frame fabric resist
Once the resist was dry I added some color with Dye-Na-Flow. After I was done and looking closer at it, I'm not so sure I like my color choices. After all, all I did was grab the closest bottles from the cupboard without really thinking. That'll teach me.

stretcher frame fabric resist paint color
But I'm not going to worry too much at this point because I plan to add more design to this piece of fabric. Next I need to heat set it and then rinse it to remove the resist. After that I will do some stamping and stenciling and see what happens.

Oh and look what the mail person brought to me yesterday:

mail package
And here's what I found inside. Yummy and soft wool batts. All ready for me to get spinning with. These came from Linda. Linda creates some great wool batts to spin with and besides that she is a very lovely person.

wool spinning batts
Thank you to everyone who commented in the previous post. I forgot to mention that I, too, am guilty of visiting many blogs and not commenting often. I suppose there are several reasons for that. I do follow a lot of blogs and time is an issue for one thing. But I will definitely try harder.

One comment in particular really got me thinking. It was by Paula Hewitt and she said "I have been thinking about why people (and me in particular) don't comment more (apart from time) and I think its because I am intimidated by people I perceive to be more talented or popular, and think they wouldn't care whether someone like me comments or not". I can definitely understand why you think this way Paula. I know from my experiences in the past I didn't comment on those blogs of artists that I felt were "celebrities". But I think you are wrong. While I've gotten past that peception, somewhat, I can tell you everyone enjoys comments.

I've made some wonderful cyber friends just from leaving a comment on someone's blog. So next time you hesitate in leaving a comment, think twice, try it, you may be surprised.