Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy August

I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by. We've been having some very hot and humid days and we even had a high wind/lightning storm a couple nights ago. Thankfully there was no serious damage. The best part of the storm was that we got some much needed rain.

Today is supposed to be the reveal of the Twelve by Twelve group's 'illumination' quilts. But alas, Blogger has deemed our group blog as a potential spam blog. I'm not sure how they determine these things but evidently the blog had a few things about it that raised some red flags. Bummer too, as now we can't post our quilts that we've been so anxiously waiting to see. We are discussing our options at this point. We have no idea how long Blogger will have the blog locked up at this time. Bad, bad timing Blogger!!!!

So I will share this photo with you. Many moons ago, I started this quilt. I would share the pattern name and maker, but I am unable to share that with you at this moment as the darned pattern package has gone into hiding. Some of you may recognize it. I can't recall exactly how long ago I started it. My best guess is about three to four years ago. It is still a work in process. You can see along the left edge I still have a few leaves to applique. But I needed something to keep my hands busy while sitting with my hubby in the evenings, so I pulled this out and am determined to get it finished.

Parting Shot