Monday, July 14, 2008

I Painted

This weekend I did no sewing. Instead I painted.

I painted Dream Girl and love how she turned out. I tried a different approach with how I painted her and really like how it worked. I've got another painting started. Dream Girl is available in my etsy shop.

The other painting I did was on this fabric surface. This is similar to the quilt I showed in the previous post. Speaking of the previous post, Julie asked in the comments if there was paint on it. Yes, there is. As you can see, this needs to be finished yet, and I will get to that this week.

Also on my agenda this week is to finish, or should I say 'start', my Twelve by Twelve challenge quilt. The theme this time around is 'illumination' and this has been the most challenging theme to date for me. Our reveal date is looming, August 1, and I usually don't wait this long to create my quilt. So that will hopefully get done this week.

Ok, gotta go help hubby, he just drove up with a load of gravel and I need (have to) go help him as we are redoing an area in my garden and putting some gravel around some stepping stones and under a bench.