Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Camera on its Way

Woo Hoo! I'm so excited. I finally decided on which camera I was going to purchase and I ordered it yesterday. I so can't wait for it to arrive.

Last February I joined a challenge through the QuiltArt list. The Grab Bag Challenge. Altogether there were about 58 participants. We were to fill a gallon-sized ziplock with some fabrics, fibers, and embellishments from our stash and send it to the challenge coordinator. She then sent us all back another person's ziplock stash and we were to make a 20" x 20" quilt with the contents. The rules were to use at least 1/3 of the ziplock contents and we could add as much from our own stash as we wanted. Well all the completed quilts are now on their way back to their original stash owner. Here is the contents of the ziplock I received to make a quilt from:

And here is the contents of the bag I sent off for someone else to make a quilt for me:

I received my quilt a few days ago and will say that I am very happy with what my challenge quilt creator made for me. I can't share the quilt I received or the quilt I made just yet. All the quilts were photographed and will be compiled on a CD for purchase through Virginia Spiegel's site and the proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society through Fiberart for a Cause. The web page for purchasing the CD's isn't updated just yet, but will be soon, I'm told.

I will be able to share the quilt I made and the quilt I received at some point...not sure when exactly.

In other news...I added a couple of collage quilts to my etsy shop this morning.