Thursday, May 22, 2008

All Done

acrylic paint canvas art landscape mixed media
acrylic paint canvas art landscape mixed media
I've finished my landscapes. This is the last week of the online class with Karyn Gartel, aka Altered Diva. I truly enjoyed this class and I'm glad I took it. Karyn is a fun teacher and she also teaches other classes. She's offering some great ones for the summer.

It's been a busy spring with all the online classes I took plus doing my own creative work and conducting some of my own classes. I'm ready for a break. I have to say, though, that I really enjoy taking online classes as it gives me a little peek into the artsy life of an artist I admire and I get to see how they create the art I enjoy.

Today I also finished my water-themed 12x12 quilt that will be revealed on June 1 along with the other Twelve by Twelve quilts.

Other accomplishments for the week: Planting flower seeds in the garden, drawing up the plans for a commission quilt (table runner), and some more painting on the two paintings I showed a couple posts or so ago.

Happy Weekend!