Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lesson Lesson

I've been a good student this week and completed my lessons before the next lessons are posted on Monday. I'm currently in two separate online classes. The photos from Sue's journal making class are shown first. I've filled the inside with watercolor paper and there is pockets for adding in some pens, pencils, watercolors, etc. I created the outside fabric by painting a design on cotton duck. Remember those big, chunky buttons in the previous post? Well I added color to one of them and put it on this journal.

sketchbook journal cover
sketchbook journal inside
The next photo is my progress in Paulette's face painting class. Even though I have painted some faces previously, I am really learning a lot in this class. I think though, because I sort of just taught myself how to paint from observing the work of others and by reading books and tutorials online, that I sort of just developed my own way of doing faces. But now, learning from Paulette, I think I'll have some of those questions I've always wondered about, answered.

female face painting on canvas

Oh, and if two online classes aren't enough at one time...well...let's add a third. Yes, I start another class on Monday. This one is a mixed media landscape class given by Karyn Gartel. I really am enjoying online classes. They are so convenient and I can work when I have time and energy, which lately, seems to be hard to find. Hmmmm, I wonder what more I can add to my to-do-list.

You know, with all these online classes....I should at some point earn an online degree huh??????