Friday, March 7, 2008

Painting Progress

Gosh I feel like I haven't gotten a thing accomplished this week. I finally did get into my studio just a tiny bit yesterday. Pretty pathetic for someone who doesn't work outside the home.

While in the studio I was able to complete the next lesson on my canvases. We pretty much just added more layers of texture. I introduced some more color on each of them. At this point I'm thinking they are looking more messy than anything. It's my understanding that we'll soon be adding a focal point onto our work, so maybe that will help. I had decided early on in this class I would follow the lessons as given and not stray and do my own thing. That way I can get a complete understanding of what the teacher is teaching. Then I may adapt the techniques to my own work and hopefully come up with something I like. We'll see.

acrylic paint canvas backgroundacrylic paint canvas backgroundacrylic paint canvas background
Did you realize that we change the clocks ahead this weekend??? Wow, I can't believe we are doing that already.

I'd like to thank you all again for all your well wishes and congratulations on my upcoming book. All your support means so much to me. I get more and more excited each day and am frustrated at how slow the bookmaking/publishing process goes some days, but I do understand why. I guess I've never been blessed with patience.

Don't forget about my online class coming up at the end of this month. We'll be having lots of fun creating our funky flower garden, and what better time than now when spring is almost upon us. For more information, see the next post down.

Have a fabulous weekend!