Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Painting Class

As you may recall, I'm in a painting class. Last week was the fourth week and we were to add a focal element. I couldn't think of what I wanted to do for my focal elements and that's why I didn't get around to showing these sooner. This week in class (our last week) we are putting the finishing touches on our paintings and sealing them.

I had started with three canvases and once I started adding the focal element on the third piece I decided I really hated what I was doing and may just paint over it all and start over. I'm not even going to show you what I did as I really hate it that much. But here are the other two. I think at this point my favorite is the one with the hummingbird.

Our teacher showed us how we could add our focal elements by either starting out with a piece of clip art or just painting our own design. The one with the girl was my own design. For the hummingbird, I started out with a black and white piece of clip art and pasted that down on my canvas. I painted all the color in and added the branch and leaves.

acrylic canvas paint
acrylic canvas paint