Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

I've been busy, really I have. I've been busy preparing some projects for an upcoming class I'm developing called Paper Quilting Explorations, mentioned in an earlier post. The workshop will revolve around working with several kinds of papers in paper quilting, creating exciting paper backgrounds for both stitching on and adding focal elements to, several projects which include small wall hangings and 3-D items, to name just a few. The workshop truly is a mixed media class as we'll be getting messy with paints, inks, and more. Here are more peeks at what will be going on in this workshop.

paper explorations workshop
I haven't announced a date for the class yet as I'm still working on the lessons. I plan to announce more information here as I get closer to knowing what/when/etc. Also, don't forget you can join my newsletter group to keep informed about my world. Click the link over there, on the right side of my blog and you can join the group. Also, just wanted to mention that this workshop is a great companion to my upcoming book, Creative Paper Quilts: Applique, Embellishment, Patchwork, Piecework. It's not out yet, scheduled release date is late fall or early January.

The next photo shows some canvas panels I'm prepping for some paintings.

canvas panels
Next is a piece of handmade mulberry that I colored. I love love love this paper.

hand colored handmade mulberry paper
And here is my studio assistant, Abby. She's wide awake and ready to help.

And here's my sleepy assistant, Zoey. She decided it was nap time.

Happy Easter to all and hope your holiday weekend is magical and full of joy.