Friday, February 1, 2008

Chocolate Quilts

Today is the unveiling of 12 chocolate themed quilts over on the Twelve by Twelve blog. I am honored to say I'm a member of this group and here is my quilt.

chocolate latte art quilt
The quilt is 12" x 12" and I started out with a fabric background and border. When I started this quilt I had intended to create it all in fabric, but as I proceeded and became frustrated, I switched gears. I ended up painting the plate, chocolates, mug, vase and flowers directly onto the fabric. As I was painting I wondered how well I'd be able to free-motion quilt through the paint. The fabric had become a little stiff because of having to paint on a few layers of paint. But I didn't have any problems.

I named my quilt Choco Latte. I love looking at all the fancy chocolates behind the glass in a candy shop. They look so elegant, artistic, and expensive. I also love mocha lattes and when I got to thinking about it...I decided that the word "chocolate" should have been spelled "chocolatte". By the's dark chocolate for me, hands down.

Be sure to go over to the Twelve by Twelve blog and check out all the chocolate quilts.