Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blue Bowl

I've wanted to learn to make fabric bowls with the clothesline technique for some time. When I was in Houston I saw a vendor booth that had them in it and that revived my interest in them. So a month or so ago, I got a book on how to make them. In the last few days I finally found some of the appropriate clothesline at a local store. Yesterday I sat down and made my very first bowl. I had a lot of fun. I grabbed my blue scrap basket and I don't think I even made a big dent in the scraps. I'm picturing a whole bunch of these in an array of colors that match my scrap baskets.

fabric clothesline wrapped bowlThis particular bowl measures approximately 7.5 across the top and the base is approximately 4.5". Height is close to 3". I am surprised at how firm and rigid the bowl feels and I'm happy with how well my first one turned out. I envisioned it looking really wonky and lopsided.