Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Houston Goodies

I've done some unpacking of the great stuff I bought while in Houston. Most of the booths selling products at the show were geared more toward traditional quilting, such a piecing, applique, etc. Well after all this was a quilting show...right? But since I'm not a 'traditional' quilter and since I have most of the traditional quilting type tools that I need already, I didn't shop in these types of booths.

The first photo isn't a purchase at all. These items were gifts from the wonderful Tracie Lyn Huskamp and her mother-in-law Marilyn Huskamp. These two are such warm, caring, and giving women. I admire their work and now am honored to call them my friends. The journal book on the left is from Marilyn and the book on the right is from Tracie Lyn and contains her own poems and art. Thanks you ladies for such wonderful and beautiful gifts.

gifts from Marilyn Huskamp and Tracie Lyn Huskamp
Here are my purchases. The next photo shows some of the beautiful fabrics I bought. The top two are from Wendy Richardson, who dyes linens and more in the most beautiful colors. The middle row are some beautiful hand-dyed silks with stitched pleats in them. And the bottom is some woven strips in the most wonderful colors.

I bought three books. I could easily have bought more, but since books are somewhat heavy I didn't go overboard so as not to make my luggage overweight.

Here you can see I went wild. I found some luscious laces, that I would never in a million years find at home. Some yarns and fibers. I purchased a Diva Cordmaker. Their booth was right next to ours.

And lastly are some Stewart Gill paints I bought. The book to go along with these paints is shown above. The book, by Rebecca Gill is wonderful in that it teaches you all about their paint line. Rebecca was in the booth and is such a bubbly, fun person. She was signing the books that people bought, but not in the typical way. She would paint a design in the book besides signing her name. I got an unmounted rubber stamp sheet of some great abstract designs, a metallic stamp pad, a squeegee tool, a stencil and a small metal oriental chop with a design that means 'dream'. I don't know if I spelled 'chop' correctly. You can barely see the metal chop down at the bottom of the photo.