Saturday, October 13, 2007

Journal Quilt #41

fabric journal quilt
For this week's journal quilt I played with a new toy. A tjanting. I had first seen Diane's results with this after she took a class and I thought it looked like fun. Diane kindly shared a few tips with me and I think I need more practice. The black paint I used spread out a bit too much for my liking and I'm thinking I maybe had it too thinned out. Below you can see my doodlings. I bought a set of three tjanting tools, each with different tip sizes. I used the medium here. I think I'll try the small tip next round. Hey, you never know, if I like this, maybe next I'll get some wax and try batiking.
fabric drawing with tjanting

I got two new books this week in the mail...Bags with Paper and Stitch by Isobel Hall. Wow is there some pretty great eye candy in this book. Also received Jamie Fingal's new and first book Embellished Mini-Quilts. Another wonderful book. Way to go Jamie!

So did any of you notice my new blog look? I felt a need for a change/remodel.