Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Was on a Roll

And then I ran out of black thread. I was in the middle of making a whole bunch of art tags (see Sue's post here) and then suddenly there was no more thread. I was even running errands yesterday and could have stopped and bought some, had I known. Well I'm not making a special trip. So there!

So what am I working on now? Well some painting. Here is a sneak peek at my project for the first challenge on the Twelve by Twelve group. The first challenge is "dandelion". I'm not going to show the entire thing until I'm done. Sorry!

dandelion art quilt peek
Next is a test I'm doing. I want to paint a design on the back of a denim jacket and having never done this before I thought I'd do a small sample piece to get a feel for painting on the denim.

face paint denim
The next photo shows a design I drew and painted with watercolors. It's done up in greens because it's for a swap and the recipient of this piece chose greens as her colors. This will be applied to a background of green fabrics. Sarah, don't look yet! Well that is if you want a surprise. But if you are reading this it's probably too late.

watercolor painted design
And last is my new studio helper. My old iron bit the dust. It would heat up, but the water started leaking out the reservoir. And I just didn't like the mess of it.

rowenta iron