Friday, July 6, 2007


Well we're in the midst of a heat wave. Upper 90's today and tomorrow. UGH! So guess what? This weather gives me lots of indoor time for crafting. The other day I wrote about how I hadn't felt like doing much and I blamed it on the weather. Well today, I feel like creating art and I have been.

Today I finished this small painting. It's painted on cotton duck and is 4" x 6". I had originally thought about making it into a postcard, but now I may change my mind. I still need to do my weekly journal quilt and thought that maybe it would be nice to applique it onto that. I'm still thinking about it.

Yesterday, while at work, I had a little bit of free time. So I found a clipart site with some photographs of women and I did some sketching.

Have a great weekend!